Celebrate your unique story with a larger-than-life commemorative painting.

Honor your loved ones, your life's story, or your passion through a custom, visual story. These special, one-of-a kind paintings pay tribute to you or those dear to you through a colorful, whimsical, and symbolic expression. Consider a Legacy Commission for special occasions like an anniversary, birthday or retirement. It's more than a gift. It's a celebration!

Looking for the ultimate way to commemorate and express your appreciation of a corporate executive or business leader? Go beyond a traditional gift that will soon be forgotten. Commission and gift this exceptional expression of respect and appreciation to a deserving colleague, principal, or leader dedicated to their career or business and who has made a positive impact on individuals and the community.

Not a typical commission. These painting go far beyond a simple copy of a photo. These are extremely personalized and customized paintings that evolve and come to life through the course of a dialogue and idea exchange with the client, image research, and drawing concepts. A Legacy Commission is a rich, collaborative, and meaningful journey between the client, myself (the artist), and the painting itself.

Interested but don't know where to start? Call or email me and let's see what you have in mind. After you've viewed the images, scroll below and read about the basic commissioning process and detailed considerations involved in developing and completing a Legacy Commission Painting.


Every project begins with an open dialogue. Once the commission concept, details, size, timeline, and budget are determined, the process can begin. Review the steps of the Legacy Commission process below. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions.

CONTRACT/LETTER OF AGREEMENT & TERMS: The contract is short and sweet. The purpose is to make sure we are all on the same page with all the details and mutual expectations. The contract reiterates and outlines the commission details and deliverables established in the initial conversation(s). Also highlighted in the contract: pricing (based on mutually agreed upon project details), payment terms (50% deposit before the project begins; 50% balance due upon final painting client approval, prior to delivery), visual reference (what's provided) and research requirements, timeline, budget, and packing/shipping, as well as exhibition and reproduction rights of the image. Should any of these items change in the course of the project, an addendum to the original agreement will be submitted to and approved by the client immediately.

INITIAL CREATIVE EXCHANGE: After the initial, brief conversation and assessment of the project, and once the client commits to the commission (after the contract/agreement is signed and the deposit is received & before pencil layouts), a more detailed creative meeting will be scheduled. This will cover discussing the painting's visual story in more depth, details of the elements, reference requirements (i.e., what image references will the client be provide that will be a good quality and the correct perspectives), scheduling, and a review of some of the other project details.

PRICING: Prices cannot be pre-determined until detailed commission requirements and requests are discussed and determined. Pricing structure considerations include: complexity (number of subjects, number of items, or amount of detail), size, and required research, etc., all which vary from project to project. I work both from existing photos as well as from my own on-site photographic reference. While optional, but in some cases necessary, travel to the subject's location may be required to meet the reference/photographic needs of your commission. Travel and time compensation will estimated separately. Fees will vary depending on distance, required services for the project, and length of the on-site visit. These options should be discussed and decided prior to a contractual agreement and before the project begins. 

Commissions are priced much differently than non-commissioned paintings due to the amount of time involved in developing the concept, required research, and regular communication with the client. (NOTE: Each painting is unique and priced based on complexity, size, and research, so it is difficult to post a pre-priced list. Pricing may also be affected by an accelerated timeline (it's best to plan far ahead so I can schedule your project in), excessive phone conversations, excessive independent research, or out-of-pocket expenses, for example.)

PRESENTATION / FORMAT: All paintings are acrylic on heavy-weight canvas. Multiple layers of a specially-formulated, flexible base coating is applied to the canvas before the painting begins. The canvas is a professionally finished, wrapped canvas on heavy-duty stretcher bars. Framing is not included, but can be considered as an added material service (it would be contracted out) if time and client budget allows. 

TAX: Sales tax is required if the commissioning client lives in NM, or if the painting is shipped or delivered within the state of New Mexico.

TIMELINE: Timing of the process and completion of the commission will be determined based on information provided by the client, complexity of the piece, and the desired delivery/due date. The timeline/schedule includes items such as: contract submission and approval, deadlines for receiving reference materials from the client, pencil submission for approval (2-3 pdf pencil layouts), timeline required to execute and complete the painting commission, interim approval submissions (images via email, at pencil stage, once during the painting process (if requested) and final image, just before shipping), and ETA shipping options (ground, air, hand-delivery, etc.). Packing, shipping, and insurance fees are billed at cost directly to client, due prior to actual shipping.

PAYMENT: Ways to pay for your commission vary, depending on what is most convenient for you. I'm happy to take a check or cashier's check. You may also pay through Pay Pal, however, I will need to add 3% to the commission fee. The work will begin once the 50% deposit transacts. I will ship when the 50% balance also deposits. I'm working on other convenient ways to pay, so please say tuned!

STYLE & EXECUTION: Please review the samples above and the rest of my painting portfolio to see my style. While fairly realistic in execution and detail, my interpretive style is known as 'magical realism' or 'expressive realism' due to the nature of the color palette, whimsical expression, and playful or surreal approach to the subject matter. The work is executed in acrylic, painted on a specially formulated, flexible base coating, applied to wrapped canvas on heavy-duty stretcher bars. It is executed and shipped with the stretcher bars intact.

DEADLINES: As a professional illustrator for over 25 years and with dozens of painting commissions created over my fine art career, I am accustomed to (and enjoy) communicating directly with clients and the dialogue that blooms in the creative process. I create finished work based closely on approved pencils and descriptions, and adhere to deadlines and budgets, unless the scope of the project changes. I believe in communication and inclusion and want to make a special this project like a Legacy Commission meaningful and enjoyable for both of us.

SIZES: Currently, the minimum size I work with for commissions is 32"x24" if it is a fairly simple composition. If it is more complex (more than 1 or 2 items, has more than 1 subject, or includes a complex background or details), I will offer the next size of 40"x30". I have a standard incremental painting proportion size which can be discussed. Size is not always the determining factor of price. Pricing is more about subject and item complexity, composition, research time and communication. There is no limit on larger sizes. I also create ambitious works as diptychs and triptychs, depending on your space. A size that works best for the subject matter and the complexity of the composition can be discussed and determined during our initial conversation. If you have a special size for a particular location, I can make that work for you, as well.

THANK YOU! Please don't hesitate to be in touch. I look forward to hearing from you!

Below is a brief slide show showing just a few stages of the commission concept and painting process.